Those who drink alcohol excessively are at risk of developingcataracts. Dry eyes.Dry eyes are more likely to occur after drinking alcohol, because it’s a diuretic that makes you dehydrate easily.

Alcohol can also cause nystagmus, a condition characterized by involuntary jerking of the eyeballs when moving horizontally or vertically. Cops are looking for these signs during a field sobriety test because they know that myokymia and nystagmus are two of the many ways in which alcohol affects the eyes. For some people who develop AMD, their disease develops very slowly. In other cases, the loss of vision in one or both eyes occurs quite quickly. It may appear as blank spots or areas that aren’t as bright as they were previously.

Here are some of the most common ways that alcohol can affect the eyes. Your provider will check your vision, eye movements, pupils, the back of your eye , and eye pressure. See your health care provider if you have any problems with your eyesight. Temporal arteritis– Inflammation of an artery in the brain that supplies blood to the optic nerve. However, seeking medical advice and having regular eye exams can ensure that any serious condition is identified quickly. Your doctor can advise you on how regularly you should have your eyes checked. You should always arrange to have an eye exam if you notice blurry vision and/or other abnormalities.

Drinking too much can also alter your peripheral vision, causing you to have tunnel vision. Your pupils will also react more slowly, so they will not be able to constrict or open up as well. This can make driving very difficult since you can’t react well to headlights. The Woods at Parkside successfully treats substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders using a multi-faceted approach that takes into consideration the uniqueness of each individual. You experience partial or complete blindness in one or both eyes, even if it is only temporary. Optic neuritis– Inflammation of the optic nerve from infection or multiple sclerosis.

Slower Pupil Reaction Time

The definition of heavy drinking varies in the literature. In this review, the concept of heavy drinking will be clarified through both quantitative and qualitative descriptions of daily alcohol consumption based on moderate or heavy alcohol abuse. After drinking alcohol, we may experience double vision or blurry vision. Hangover symptoms do not last as long as one gets sober, and these side effects pass within 24 hours after getting sober.

People with conditions that can cause severe hypoglycemia, such as diabetes, may receive a glucagon kit to keep at home. Glucagon is a hormone that can help manage blood glucose levels. A healthcare professional will teach the person how and when to use the kit.


Anyway, my story is that lately, my eyes have been tearing up excessively after consuming alcohol. Also, my vision would be blurry to the point where I can’t even read my text messages on my phone. You need to be aware of how much alcohol you can handle and make sure you stay within that limit. You should also monitor how often you drink to your own personal limit . By taking these steps, you can still enjoy the social effects of alcohol while protecting your eyes.

Some of the most common causes of haziness in vision are refractive issues within the eye. THIS TOOL DOES NOT PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. It is intended for general informational purposes only and does not address individual circumstances. It is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment and should not be relied on to make decisions about your health. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read on the WebMD Site. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.

This means that our eyes look at the image before us and send the information to the brain. The brain then deciphers the information, and we “see” whatever is in front of us. Therefore, the coordination between our brain and eyes blurry vision after drinking alcohol is essential. If you or someone you know has a problem with alcohol, it’s time to get help. Pick up the phone and contact one of our dedicated treatment providers today to get started with an alcohol rehabilitation program.

  • Certain vitamins with omega-3 fatty acids, like fish oil supplements, can help oil glands work better and prevent tears from evaporating too quickly.
  • Pick up the phone and contact one of our dedicated treatment providers today to get started with an alcohol rehabilitation program.
  • When people are dehydrated, they often experience irritated, dry eyes.
  • This tells the heart to beat faster and pump more blood, which evens out blood pressure.
  • We always advise speaking to your doctor about your specific eye conditions.

While less prevalent, dozens of conditions may cause blurred vision. If a headache occurs with blurred vision or causes it, it may be due to an underlying condition such as migraine and low blood sugar. Dr. Vicente Diaz specializes in ocular inflammatory and infectious diseases at Yale Medicine and Yale Health. Dr. Diaz is director of ophthalmology for the Bridgeport Hospital Burn Unit, where he oversees the care of all patients with Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a rare and potentially lethal disease. Dr. Diaz received his BA from Brown University, his MD from Yale School of Medicine, and his MBA at Yale School of Management.

Alcoholic Eyes: How Drinking Affects Your Vision

Some experts recommend annual eye exams starting at an earlier age. Vision loss and blindness are the most severe vision problems. Staying in bed for a long time because of an illness or injury can cause weakness. Brain tumor, breast cancer, colon cancer, congenital heart disease, heart arrhythmia. The patient is initially unable to produce urine; however, after he receives intravenous fluids for about an hour, he is able to urinate. His urine test does not show any drugs or other abnormalities .

  • While regular heavy drinking can cause permanent damage in the long run, even occasional drinking affects the vision, albeit temporarily.
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  • This disease doesn’t lead to complete blindness, however, and it’s not painful.
  • His urine test does not show any drugs or other abnormalities .
  • A stroke can occur when a blood clot blocks a vessel carrying blood to the brain.

Learn more about how exposure to alcohol can produce both short- and long-term consequences to vision and how to avoid complications from alcoholic eyes. The risk of developing age-related cataracts changes based on the amount of alcohol a person drinks. An Optometry and Vision Science study found that moderate drinking may have a protective effect against cataracts. The study also found an increased risk of developing cataracts among heavy drinkers — those who drank more than two drinks a day.

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Eye twitching–Eye twitching , which is actually the eyelid twitching, can be triggered by excessive alcohol intake. Slower pupil reaction–Alcohol causes the iris toconstrict and dilate at a much slower speed. This becomes an issue for drivers who have been drinking as they cannot adapt as quickly to oncoming headlights.

blurry vision after drinking alcohol

And can alcohol abuse cause permanent problems to your sight? Read on to learn about the different effects of alcohol on the eye.

Retinal Vein Occlusion Rvo

While regular heavy drinking can cause permanent damage in the long run, even occasional drinking affects the vision, albeit temporarily. Our eyes are meant to naturally switch between dilating to let in more light and constricting to filter out light in order to help us see in different environments. However, alcohol can slow down the ability for your eyes to dilate or constrict.

Browse 176 professional drunk vision stock photos available royalty-free. Anyone experiencing signs or symptoms of a stroke, carbon monoxide poisoning, or TBI should also contact a doctor right away. People with mild to moderate carbon monoxide poisoning should get away from the poisonous gas and seek immediate medical treatment. People with moderate to severe TBI need emergency care and should seek immediate medical attention. Without prompt treatment, strokes may cause life-threatening and permanently disabling complications.

Ocular manifestations of drug and alcohol abuse.Current opinion in ophthalmology,24, 566–573. Our experienced staff at The Woods at Parkside has been delivering evidence-based addiction treatment for over 20 years.

  • It’s also important to have healthy lacrimal glands to produce tears and oil glands so that the tears don’t evaporate too quickly.
  • Increased cataract formation–Multiple studies have shown increased cataract formation in patients with higher alcohol consumption.
  • But some margarine also has trans fat, which raises your cholesterol levels and the chance of heart disease and eye problems.

We all know that alcohol impacts the brain, depressing its functions. That’s why there are so many laws against drinking and driving- because our reaction time is reduced after drinking alcohol. Tobacco-alcohol amblyopia–Also referred to as Optic neuropathy, people who drink excessively can develop this condition which results in a painless loss of vision. Chronic alcoholism can lead to liver damage and eventually alcohol-related liver disease . One of the most noticeable signs of ALD is jaundice, which is a yellowing of the eyes and skin.

Alcohol affects everyone differently, so you need to be cautious. Alcohol addiction is a disease, and with the right treatment, you can recover from it. Getting red eyes after drinking is not a long-term consequence, and your eyes should regain their normal color once the alcohol has left your system. But while these effects are temporary, even a small amount of alcohol can cause the uncomfortable effects of eye dryness. Glaucoma– Increased pressure in the eye, which is most often painless. Vision will be normal at first, but over time you can develop poor night vision, blind spots, and a loss of vision to either side. Some types of glaucoma can also happen suddenly, which is a medical emergency.

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Fill out the form below to see if your insurance covers alcoholism treatment at one of AAC’s facilities. The content on is brought to you by American Addiction Centers , a nationwide network of leading substance abuse and behavioral treatment facilities. Blurred vision when trying to view objects near or far. Blind spots, halos around lights, or areas of distorted vision appear suddenly.

Color Vision Impairment And Drinking

Steps should be taken immediately to stop it spreading. Some medicated eye drops and allergy tablets can have side effects including dry eye and distorted sight. Your eye specialist will be able to help alleviate these effects. Knowing and understanding the cause of your cloudy vision is crucial. So, make sure that you ask your doctor what the causes are.

Most insurances are accepted for Addiction Recovery services. Nestled in a tranquil setting just outside of Orlando, in Central Florida, our mental health facility provides patients with a safe place to reflect, reset and heal. All of the information on this page has been reviewed and verified by a certified addiction professional. AMD may develop slowly in some people while it develops rapidly in others. It can appear as blank spots in the field of vision or areas that aren’t as bright as others. People with AMD may also begin seeing straight lines as wavy ones.

Depending on which vitamin is lacking, it can lead to night blindness, thinning of the cornea, etc. In pregnant women, it also risks compromising the vision of the fetus. In the short term, alcohol causes people to have bloodshot and dry eyes as well as blurred vision. But in the long term, alcohol consumption can cause a nutrient deficiency in the body which is known to cause optic nerve damage and even blindness. One of the most common side effects of alcohol intoxication is blurred vision. However, this is only one example of how alcohol abuse affects the eyes.